We love being part of your Journey!


Our paddle fairy tale started in 2013 as just a fleeting thought. The “thought” rapidly became reality as we opened within three months of conception. Our main focus was becoming Ambassadors to Flathead Lake, the safety of our clients and offering quality equipment. In 2013 we started with six tour boats with Joli and BJ running the whole show. 2017 is bringing us into our fifth season and are now proud to say we have five locations and employ ten seasonal employees. Our goal of becoming ambassadors is also coming into focus with the start of the REC Alliance of Flathead Lake. This volunteer group will concentrate on education, tourism and maintenance projects within the state parks and surrounding trail system. In a nut shell, we thrive on placing large ear to ear grins on people’s faces from all over the world!!!

Lets all take care of the Lake that takes care of All of us!

We want to include everyone that has the energy to assist!

The REC Alliance is a grassroots organization comprised of nature lovers and water enthusiasts compelled to promote education and conduct maintenance projects within the state parks in and around Flathead Lake and to create the ultimate user experience for vacationers and locals alike.